Combatting Stormwater Erosion with Detention and Retention Tanks

Getting the Most Out of Cartridge Sealants: Using and Reusing Effectively

Mixing Multi-Component Coatings Materials: Induction Time and Pot Life

The Ultimate Guide to Applying CIM Membranes in Cold Weather

A Deeper Dive Into Essential Waterproofing Terminology - Technical Data Sheets Edition

3 Excellent Methods of Corrosion Protection for Potable Water Tanks

Factors to Consider When Spraying Waterproof Coatings

Waterproofing Coatings Terminology 101

Preparing Waterproof Membranes That Passed the Recoat Window

Winter Waterproofing: Cold Weather Tips for Applying CIM Membranes

Selecting the Right Waterproof Coating for Leak Repairs

Innovative Waterproofing is the Future of Construction: New CIM 500

Protect Your Membranes From Osmotic Blistering: Causes and Solutions

Which C.I.M. Waterproofing Membrane Is Right for Your Application?

How to Terminate Waterproof Coating Systems

Comparing Waterproofing Systems: Cold Fluid-Applied Membranes vs. Self-Adhered Sheet Membranes

Selecting a Waterproofing Application Method - Hand vs Spray Applied

Mixing CIM Premix and Activator

How to Properly Set up a CIM 1000 Cartridge

Preventing Moisture Contamination During Concrete Coating Applications

How to Select the Right CIM Activator & Premix

The Vital Role of Balcony Waterproofing

How to Successfully Apply Cold, Fluid-applied Waterproof Membranes

Safety Is Top Priority When Working in Confined Spaces

8 Reasons Why Hiring a Trained Applicator is a Smart Move

Come and visit us at WOC & IRE Shows

The Role of Consultants in the Waterproofing Industry

What Exactly is a Building Envelope?

Improper Mixing Techniques Leads to Failed Coatings

3 Steps to Tie Cold, Liquid Applied Waterproofing with Hot, Rubberized Asphalt Membranes

How to Extend the Service Life of Your Cooling Tower

4 Types of Waterproofing Warranties Explained

Waterproofing Under Tile: Things You Should Know

More On Waterproofing The World Trade Center Fountains

Waterproofing The World Trade Center Fountains

Understanding Potable Water Approvals for Tank Coatings and Linings

When To Use a Moisture Tolerant Primer

3 Tips for a Final Walk-Through Inspection

Common Waterproofing Mistakes are in the Details

Smart Tips For Cold Weather Coating Applications That Will Save You Time

How to Dry Concrete Prior to a Coating Application

Enhanced Coating Performance Using Aggregates

Waterproofing It Right The First Time...Mistakes Cost Valuable Time and Money

Don’t Let Environmental Conditions Ruin Your Next Coating Project

Documenting Your Coating Application Is Important!

Concrete Surface Preparation Methods When You Can’t Sandblast

The Advantages of Non Glycol Based Urethanes for Waterproofing Applications

Choosing between a Single & Two Part Coating

Is a Harder Coating Better? Hardness Scale Tests Explained

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