Waterproofing It Right The First Time...Mistakes Cost Valuable Time and Money

Posted by Douglas Campbell on Oct 23, 2017 3:00:00 PM
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Preparing fountains membranes with CIM Industries productsTired of going back to repair waterproofing membranes which weren’t installed properly during the first application?

Time spent planning ahead of time and using proper application procedures can be some of the most important aspects of getting it done right the first time.

Costs associated with repair or “re-do” work can add up quickly. As an example, take a decorative fountain project.

Suppose the installer did not take the proper time and attention into preparing the surface for liner installation. The liner was installed on top of the poorly prepared surface. 

Work continued with the installation of decorative stone on top of the liner. The result:  the fountain looks great, but is it ready to be put into service? Probably not, because important preparation steps were ignored at the beginning.

There could be several failure modes in this situation, but the likely one involves disbonded membrane caused by inadequate surface preparation. As you can imagine, this fountain example is in line for a full re-application. From a cost-benefit standpoint, the money you saved skipping surface preparation ends up costing significantly more time and money.

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Regardless of your application experience, it’s always good to locate the proper information for the application. One way to get such information is by contacting the manufacturer directly. Not all applications are alike and a manufacturer can help provide pertinent information needed to set you on the right path for getting your coating/membrane installed properly on the first try.  Most manufacturers will have some combination of the following information:

a. Instruction Guides and Technical Data Sheets –These documents can help provide general application information by substrate types (concrete, steel, earthen, etc.)

b. Application Check Lists – Some manufacturers like CIM Industries provide useful information to help guide an application with documentation tools such as a product checklist.

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c. Specifications – These documents can help provide manufacturer recommendations specific to application type (fountains, green roofs, planters, etc.). Get it here.

You may find that manufacturer websites can provide you with all the information needed, which can help minimize the amount of time required to prepare your project. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge can be the difference between success, or planning the costly repair.

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 If you have any question regarding the application of any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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